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Beaches, Bridges & Boats

CYCLE: 3+                                                     ACTIVITY LEVEL: H                               QEP: Comp.2, opposition, feinting, using space available
TACTICS: Avoid other players; try to use different ways to get from one place to another. 
EQUIPMENT: Cones, hoops, pennies, pool noodles, plastic spot

-->LAYER 1:     
   Everyone moves in different pathways 
   First: only around the beaches.                                                                                                             
   Second: they can use the beaches and the bridges                                                           DIAGRAM
   Third: Players can use all the pathways: beaches, bridges & boats

-->LAYER 2:
   Make up a team of three/ four (called the pirates) and with a pool noodle, touch other players. 
   When someone is touched, he or she has to go to "time out" and do a certain task to go back in game. 

  • Switch the team often so everyone get to be a pirate.
  • Moveable bases. 
  • Add a team of three named the life guards. Only them can save touched players. 
  • Add stepping stones
  • Be careful to not hit someone in the face with the pool noodle.
  •  Keep your head up, and watch out where you go. 
  • Only one player can use the stepping stones at a time.
  • Only one player for each boat. 
  • If necessary, remind them of the rules. 

Hospital Tag 

CYCLE: 1,2,3                                 ACTIVITY LEVEL: H                      QEP: Comp.2, using space available, group activity, encircling opponent
TACTICS: Use of open space and avoiding players                      EQUIPMENT: Open space, use of cones, pennies, pool noodles

--> LAYER 1:
   Players find their own place in the field
   On the signal, they start moving in the playing space without touching others. (30 sec.)     
   Then, children have to touch others without getting touched                                                           

--> LAYER 2: 
   When they get touched somewhere (shoulder, knee), they get "injured." and have to put their hand on the injury. 
   When touched three times, they go to the "hospital" and do a certain task (10 push ups, jumps, etc.)
   Then they return to the game.

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                                               DIAGRAM
  • Moveable bases can be added .( ex: back to back with another player, nose & toes,etc)
  • Static bases 
  • Add the Bacteria; 3-4 kids have to wear pennies and they are the ones who infect the other players by touching them.
  •  At the beginning, class move alone in space.
  • Have to keep their head up.
  • Remind children of the rules of the game.

FEEDBACK (questions, comments, etc.)
* Cycle 2+ :

  •  What did you like and dislike about the game?
  •  How can this game be more challenging?

Other Side

CYCLE: 2,3                                  ACTIVITY LEVEL:  High                                 QEP: Comp.2, opposition/cooperation, group activity, feinting 
TACTICS: strategies, teamwork                                                                       EQUIPMENT: cones, ball, pinnies, playing area

   This is a tag game but the goal is to get the whole team to the other side of the playing area (and get back to their territory) in the safety zone that is in their part of the court.
   The player has to throw the ball, trying to tag an opponent, and at the same time get to the safety zone. 

   The player can come back to his territory during the game while using different tactics.
   The player can be tagged on both territories.
   If a player get tagged, he get back to his territory and do a certain task (ex: 5 push ups)
   The players can’t move with the ball, only pivot and passes

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                            DIAGRAM
  • It the game is too hard for a class, let them cross the field without                                                                                                   getting tagged; only in their own zone like a dodgeball game
  • The player can move 2-3 steps before throwing
  • Be careful to not hurt another player
  • Throw the ball at a low level(between waist & knees)

FEEDBACK(questions, comments, etc.)
1) How can we shape this game to make it more challenging?
2) What did you like /dislike about the game? Why?
3) What were your strategies as a group? While crossing the field for example?


CYCLE: 2,3                               ACTIVITY LEVEL:  H                            QEP: Comp.2, using the available space, recovering the object, feinting 
TACTICS: strategies, teamwork                                                          EQUIPMENT: bean bags

   The teacher place the students in groups of two
   Face to face, they have a bean bag in the middle
   At the signal, they have to catch the bean bag before the opponent and run to the safety line before the opponent tags you.

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                                            DIAGRAM
  • Give different color of bean bags to teams (some have a blue one, others a green, etc) and when the teacher screams a color, the team with that bean bag color plays.

  • Keep head up
  • Be careful to not hit the opponent when trying to catch the bean bag
  • Be careful when running

FEEDBACK(questions, comments, etc.)
1) What changes can we make so the game can be more challenging?
2) What were your different strategies when wanting to catch the object? (ex:feinting,etc )

Giants, Wizards & Elves

CYCLE: 3             ACTIVITY LEVEL: M           QEP: Comp.2, using available space, opposition, reacting to movements/actions of opponents 
TACTICS:  Use the playing area; avoid the members of the other team  
EQUIPMENT: Open space, cones (if needed)

   Divide the class into two teams and place each team in a line facing each others.
   Then each team gets together and decides what character they want to be. 
   After, they have to come back in line, and on the signal, do the decided character.
Giants:They have to put their hands over their head, and they beat elves.
     Wizards: They have to have their hands in front of them while wiggling their fingers, and they beat giants.
     Elves: They have to make big ears with their fingers and bend to look smaller. They beat wizards. 
   The team who loses has to run away since the other team has to chases them and tag as many members as possible before they get to their safety zone.
  The members that get tagged become a part of the other team.                                        DIAGRAM
  Repeat until all players are on one side.

  • Keep head up
  • Always be aware of other players