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 Balancing Shapes

CYCLE: K, 1                                           ACTIVITY LEVEL: Medium                             QEP: Comp.1, locomotor and manipulation skills 
TACTICSUse of open space, avoiding players, manipulating an object               
EQUIPMENT: Open space, bean bags

    Children have to create different movement patterns with a bean bag when the signal
is given. The principle goal is to maintain balance for three or four seconds when the signal(ex: music) stops while having the bean bag.
--> LAYER 1:                                                                                                                                                    DIAGRAM    
   Children move in the playing area without a bean bag and by avoiding others.                                                 
--> LAYER 2:                                                                                                                        
   When the music stops, children have to become status and do different positions. 
--> LAYER 3: 
   Each child takes a bean bag and move with it in the playing area.

--> LAYER 4:   
   Same as layer two but with the object.   

  • If the game is well- understood by all the children, tell them to move according to the type of music(ex: if it's a calm music, go slowly and vice versa)

  • Remind children to always have their head up to not hurt themselves and others.

  • Often remind them the rules(depending on the layer).

  • Don't throw the bean bag far away and keep it close all the time. 


CYCLE: 1,2                  ACTIVITY LEVEL:  High           QEP: Comp.1, parts of the body, (non &)locomotor skill, rhythmic & expressive activity 
TACTICS: use different parts of body, communication with partner              EQUIPMENT: music

   Kids are placed in group of 2( face to face) and one at a time, takes the role of 
the leader and do movements that the teammate has to imitate. 
   When the music stops, stay at the position they have left it. 
   When the game starts, they have to stay in place and only move their body parts.

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                       DIAGRAM
  • When rules are well understood, they can now move in the playing area while continuing the first game.
  • Add equipment to make the game more challenging (ex: ball, bean bag)
  • Concentrate with the partner
  • Be careful to not hit other teams when moving in place
  • Remind rules often

Musical Robots

CYCLE:1                     ACTIVITY LEVEL: High     QEP: Comp.1, time and space concepts, locomotor skill, rhythmic and expressive activities
TACTICS: locomotion skill and different movements          EQUIPMENT: music

   Children have to walk when the teacher starts playing the music. When, the music stops, kids has to stop walking.
--> LAYER 1:
   The children have to walk like robots when the music is on, then hold a pose when the music stops.

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                                   DIAGRAM
  • Add the ‘’elimination level’’ where if a child is still moving when the music stops, he/she is out of the game. He is still playing by helping the teacher to supervise. The last player is the winner.
  • Be careful to not hit each other.
  • Leave some space between you
  • Remind them the rules of the game often

No Walking!

CYCLE: 1,2                ACTIVITY LEVEL:  High               QEP: Comp.1, position of body parts, locomotor skill, rhythmic & expressive activity
TACTICS: moving in space, keep balance                  EQUIPMENT: hoops

   The kids start walking in the playing area
   Then, the teacher shows them some movement patterns that they may use for the rest of the game (ex: hopping, leaping, 

skipping, etc)
--> LAYER 1:
   When the music starts, kids start moving(only walking) in the playing area .              DIAGRAM

   When the music stops, they hold a position.
--> LAYER 2:
   Add the different movement patterns. Now, the kids have to use the movements patterns the teacher will scream instead of the walking. They still have to pose when the music stops.

  • Add the elimination part. The eliminated kid helps the teacher to supervise the rest of the game.


  • Keep head up
  • Make sure to stay in your own space so you don’t get hit or hit a teammate
  • Remind the rule often

On Lines, Off Lines

CYCLE: Kin,1,2                                        ACTIVITY LEVEL: M- H                                           QEP: Comp.1; locomotor skills; on feet, on hands TACTICS: Use of open space and avoiding players                                                            EQUIPMENT: Open space, cones, pennies
--> LAYER 1:
   Players find their own place in the field, off the lines.                                                               DIAGRAM
   On the signal, they start moving in the playing space without touching others and     

 the lines. ( 30 sec.)
--> LAYER 2: 
   On the second signal: "On the Lines!", children have to move on the lines only and always avoiding each others.

  • Moveable and static bases can be added.( ex: back to back with another player, nose & toes,etc)
  • Use different movement patterns (ex: jumping, hopping).
  • If rules well- understood: Add Mr.Pacman; 2 kids with a pennie have to touch the other players. Then, when a player gets touched, he/ she become also Pacman and so on until the last player.
  • At the beginning, class move alone in space.
  • Have to keep their head up.
  • Remind children of the rules of the game often.