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Prairie Dog Pickoff

CYCLE: 3+                      ACTIVITY LEVEL:  H                    QEP: Comp.2, protecting goal, offensive/defensive roles, using available space
TACTICS: strategies, throwing accuracy                         EQUIPMENT: hoops, pool noodles, softballs

--> LAYER 1:
   The children have to find a space in the playing are away from each other and form their territory with a hoop. They must be around the hoop only (not in) and protect their pool noodle that is in the middle of the hoop.
   After the signal, they have to throw their softball so that they can drop the noodle of a near opponent.
--> LAYER 2:                                                                                                                                  
   Now, when a player gets his noodle knocked, he/ she must join the person that   knocks him.
   More the teams will knock the noodle; more the teams will get bigger and more there are noodles to protect. When there is one team left, the game stops and restarts.
   Also, here, the players can move around the playing area to attack the other teams, but can only pivot when possession of the ball.

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                                              DIAGRAM
  • Give more freedom to players; they can move with the ball
  • Add time limited when possession of the ball (ex: 5 sec.)
  • Instead of having many noodles to protect and a lot of hoops, when joining one team, the player has to put his equipment aside and help his teammate(s) with one noodle.
  • Keep head up
  • Don’t throw the ball high; it can hit someone in the face
  • Be careful when moving around the area to not hit each other (layer 2)

FEEDBACK(questions, comments, etc.)
1) Was it hard to protect the noodles when they were many? 
2) Did you find some strategies that helped you guard your territory more easily?
3) Who want to share some strategies he/she found to attack(ex: rolling the ball instead of throwing)? 


CYCLE: 3+                             ACTIVITY LEVEL: H                    QEP: Comp.2, using the available space, offensive/defensive, communication
TACTICS: teamwork, strategies                                              EQUIPMENT:cones, tchoukball goals(trampolines), 1 tchoukball, pinnies

   Class is divided into two teams
  • In the attacking zone
   The tchoukball have to touch the floor after bouncing of the trampoline in order to score a point.
  • In the defending zone:
   They must catch the ball before it bounces on the floor. If it has been catched, the game continues and the team can then make a pass or score a point.
   The defending team can’t intercept the ball only catch it once it has been thrown on the trampoline.
  • Passing and Scoring:
   The team can’t move with the ball (only pivot)
   The attacking team can make one to three passes before shooting the tchoukball.
   When a team scores a point, the other team starts over, near the trampoline.

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                                DIAGRAM
  • Add teams to same game, but each team defends one team only (ex: blue defends green, green defends yellow, etc)
  • Add a player (joker) that will be playing with the two teams. He/she will help both teams scoring but the joker can only make passes not score.

  • Be careful to not hit other players with the ball
  • Keep your head up

FEEDBACK(questions, comments, etc.)
1) What changes can we bring to the game to make it more challenging?
2) Is it easier when we have only two teams or the game is better with more teams?
3) Did you like to have a joker during the game? Or is it better without?  

Other Side

CYCLE: 2,3                                      ACTIVITY LEVEL:  H                                 QEP: Comp.2, opposition/cooperation, group activity, feinting 
TACTICS: strategies, teamwork                                                                      EQUIPMENT: cones, ball, pinnies, playing area

  This is a tag game but the goal is to get the whole team to the other side of the playing area (and get back to their territory) in the safety zone that is in their part of the court.
   The player has to throw the ball, trying to tag an opponent, and at the same time get to the safety zone.
   The player can come back to his territory during the game while using different tactics.
   The player can be tagged on both territories.
   If a player get tagged, he get back to his territory and do a certain task (ex: 5 push ups)
   The players can’t move with the ball, only pivot and passes

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                              DIAGRAM
  • It the game is too hard for a class, let them cross the field without getting tagged; only in their own zone like a dodgeball game
  • The player can move 2-3 steps before throwing
  • Be careful to not hurt another player
  • Throw the ball at a low level(between waist & knees)

FEEDBACK(questions, comments, etc.)
1) How can we shape this game to make it more challenging?
2) What did you like /dislike about the game? Why?
3) What were your strategies as a group? While crossing the field for eaxample?

Flag Tag

CYCLE: 2,3+                                     ACTIVITY LEVEL:  H                                    QEP: Comp.2, offense/defense, blocking opponents, feinting 
TACTICS: cooperation, strategies                                                                       EQUIPMENT: scarves, pinnies, playing area

   Players have one scarf on the side of their shorts
   At the signal, they have to run in the playing area and try to take off the scarf from the short and drop it on the floor. Then, the student have to do a certain task(ex: 5 jumping jacks,etc) and comes back.

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                                DIAGRAM
  • Add teams
  • Add a scarf
  • Be careful to not hurt another student
  • Don’t pull the scarf hard
FEEDBACK(questions, comments, etc.)
1) How can we make this game more challenging?
2) What were some of your strategies?

Ball Tag

CYCLE: 3                          ACTIVITY LEVEL:H                    QEP: Comp.2, group activity, passing object to teammates, using space available 
TACTICS:Use the open space, avoid other players        EQUIPMENT: Pennies, 1-2 softball(s), cones

-->LAYER 1:
   Kids have to find their own space; then move in their own spot while doing different movements.
-->LAYER 2:
   Play a normal tag and after first few minutes.
-->LAYER 3:
   Choose three players and add a softball (and pennies). 
   They have to pass the ball between them and touch others with the softball. 
   They can't move with the ball in their hands, only pivot. When someone is touched, he or she has to go out and do a certain task. (ex: 10 push ups, etc.)

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                                                    DIAGRAM
  • The team of three can move with the ball by doing two steps.                                                                        
  • Add static bases or moveable bases.
  • Instead of going out the game, the touched player put on a pennie and join the other team.
  • Depending on the environment of the class, I can add another ball.

  • The team can't throw the ball on other players, only to pass it between the team.
  • Players have to be touched only on shoulders or back.
  • Remind the rules.