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Build a Circle 

CYCLE:  2,3                                               ACTIVITY LEVEL: Low                       QEP: Comp.2,cooperative activity, touch and verbal cues         
TACTICS: teamwork, communication                                                               EQUIPMENT: blindfolds, little scarves

   Class is divided into little teams of 4-5 students                                                                                  

   All players are blindfolded except two ‘leaders’ who give directions                                                
   Each player has to have one scarf on each hand.
   They have to give the other extremity of their scarves to another player so that they get   mixed (into a kind of star)
   The goal is to return as a circle

  • Reduce the leader to one player instead of two                                                  DIAGRAM
  • Make bigger teams
  • Add time
  • The player who is not blindfolded can’t give directions

  • Guide well your teammates
  • Be careful about what is around
  • Do not go fast; take your time

FEEDBACK(questions, comments, etc.)
  1) How did the leaders communicate with other teammates when they couldn’t speak?
  2) Do you prefer to have one or two leader? Is it mixing up when two people speak at the same time?

Magic Bridges 1

CYCLE:  1,2,3      ACTIVITY LEVEL:  M-H         QEP: Comp.2, using available space, being receptive to messages, visual and sound signals
TACTICS: teamwork,strategies                        EQUIPMENT: none

   Choose some kids to form the bridge. In pair, they have to face each other, hold their hand together and raise their arms. Have about 3-4 pairs lined up.
The other players have to line up at the beginning of the bridge and on the signal(ex: music) walk in and cross it. 
   The goal is to cross the whole bridge without getting caught by it.
   When the music or signal stops, the bridge (children lowering their arms) can trap the kids inside.
   Those who get trapped have to go at the end of the bridge and continue it until there all players are caught.

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                                 DIAGRAM
  • Make the bridge longer but not a lot
  • Or, create several bridges; then kids will be divided into smaller teams
  • The winners are the last ones (3-4) to get caught. The game can restart after. 

  • Be careful to not hit another player when lowering your arms
  • Players must walk through the bridge only.(No running)
  • Remind of the rules often

Magic Bridges 2

CYCLE: 2-3                             ACTIVITY LEVEL:  High                          QEP: Comp.2, visual and sound signals, being receptive to messages  
TACTICS: strategies, teamwork                                                            EQUIPMENT: bean bags and/or pool noodles
   Same rules as the first game, but with small changes.
   Class is divided into two teams.
   First team is the one forming the two bridges. The second has to catch as much bean bags as possible within the giving time.
   Make two small bridges. One has a basket of bean bags at the end which kids must take and bring back with them by taking the second bridge.
   Players who get caught by a bridge, must bring back their bean bag in the basket, do a certain task (5 jumping jacks), then start over.
   Before restarting the game with the other team, count the number of bean bags that the first team collected.

  •  Make time faster
    •                                                                                           DIAGRAM
  • Be careful to not hit another player when lowering your arms
  • Players must walk through the bridge only.(No running)
  • Remind of the rules often

questions, comments, etc.)
1) How can we modify the game? Have you some ideas?
2)Do you prefer the first or second game?

Sharks Parachute


1,2,3                         ACTIVITY LEVEL:  L-M      QEP: Comp.1, concept of speed, technical/artistic activity, manipulation skill
TACTICS: teamwork                                                        EQUIPMENT: one parachute

   Children are sitting having the parachute covering their legs.
   The teacher designates one child that will go under the parachute and ‘’pull’’ one other kid at a time that will become also a shark.
   The game continues until all children are under the parachute.

  • Add the lifeguards. They are children (2-3) that try to save the other teammates that have been pulled inside by taking their hands and bring them back out. When a lifeguard saves a kid from the inside, the shark must let it go!
SAFETY:                                                                                                                                            DIAGRAM
  • Remind the rules often
  • Be sure that all children are attentive and understand well
  • Remind them to not pull the other students hard when they are under the parachute

Box Ball

CYCLE: 3               ACTIVITY LEVEL:  H                QEP: Comp.2, using the available space, opposition/ cooperation 
TACTICS:  use of open space, strategies, teamwork     EQUIPMENT: softballs, boxes or mats, pinnies

   The class is divided into two groups
   Each team has softballs and must throw as much balls as possible into the mats (or box) of their opponents
   Also, they have to protect their goal by blocking the balls coming from the other team
   The winning team is the one that has the lower balls in her box.

MODIFICATIONS:                                                                                                                                     DIAGRAM
  •  Add 1 goal to each side of the playing area
  • Add passes(ex:3) before throwing to the other side
  • Make sure to not throw the ball on other players
  •  Keep head up 
  • Remind rules often
 FEEDBACK(questions, comments, etc.)
1) How can we make this game more challenging?
2) Was it easier to have two goals? Why?
3) What were your strategies during the game?